Custom Console Development

Custom Console Development

Custom Console Development 800 760 Violet Games

We have been tinkering around with some ideas to utilize the LattePanda in game development. We’re currently working on an Indie Game called Little Hellions. As part of the development, we wanted to create a custom demo console (not for sale) to run the game and bring to events prior to its release.

Here’s where we are at so far:


We’re currently working on setting up Ubuntu for next week, testing the USB boards and testing the Joystick controllers. We will then export our game through YYC to run on the board.

Some of the areas that we need to still explore include setting up the custom power buttons (seen on the front). We’re debating whether or not to use an Arduino for this, or just the pin-outs on the board. We’re also trying to figure out how to get the game cartridge to work.

The last few steps include removing the GUI from Linux, and setting up the game to auto-run. Once done, we’ll be moving ahead with the 3D Printing of all the materials and starting assembly in April.

If anyone has any suggestions for creating workable power/reset buttons, we’d love to hear form you.