Meet the Six-66 DIY Fantasy Console

Six-66 DIY Fantasy Console with Little Hellions game cartridge

Meet the Six-66 DIY Fantasy Console

Meet the Six-66 DIY Fantasy Console 4032 3024 Violet Games

We finally did it… we made a console… because why not? Meet the Six-66, the official DIY fantasy console for Schadenfreude. It’s a custom designed 3D-printed machine that does everything we could have asked for… and more! It’s got a dual boot setup, running Windows and/or Linux. We’ve opted to use Windows as the current game build runs (almost) flawlessly on it.

The console is not intended for sale (it’s just too expensive). We chose to make the console for the sole purpose of having something fun to talk about and show at conferences, events and gatherings. With technology getting smaller, and more resources becoming available, we really wanted to see if we could pull this together. We’ve got a complete part list below, and if anyone is interested in learning the steps required to make a console, we’d love to help!

Parts Used:


Lattepanda Alpha 860 w/ Windows Pro (new model available)

Aukey 4-port USB3.0 Hub

USB 90° right-angle (low profile)

Tactile Button




Gorilla Glue (super glue)

Gorilla Glue Epoxy


Lead solder

400k ohm through-hole resistor

Bag of springs

Box of screws

Box of nuts

Spray paint


3D Printing

Polyjet printing and painting by proto3000


Recommended Controllers

iBuffalo SNES USB controllers

Kiwitata SNES USB controllers




Violet Games


Creative Direction: Devon Bortscher

Concept/Product Design: Jace Boechler

Industrial Design: Arthur Hobden

Electrical/Mechanical: Devon Bortscher

Quality Assurance: John Eddy